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The attachment to the natatorium carried out in 2005 vas co-financed from the European Union funds


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Sokolov Natatorium Rules for Visitors Sauna Rules For Visitors

Sokolov Natatorium

Operator: Sokolovská bytová s.r.o.

Sokolov Natatorium Rules

for Visitors

Article I

Entry to the Natatorium

1. The entry to the natatorium is conditioned by purchase of a valid ticket (a card or a chip card), which is issued by the ticket office attendant at the entrance hall of the natatorium to each visitor in exchange for payment of the admission fee during opening hours of the natatorium.

2. Upon full utilisation of the natatorium capacity (250 persons in the pool, 12 persons in the sauna), the entrance turnstile by the ticket office is temporary closed until the natatorium capacity is partially relieved.

3. Children under 10 are permitted to enter the natatorium facility only under supervision of an adult of 18 and older.

4. By purchasing the ticket and entering the natatorium facility via the entrance turnstile, each visitor has elected voluntarily to obey – observe any and all provisions of these Natatorium Rules and adhere to directions given by all appointed staff of the natatorium.

5. When leaving the natatorium, each visitor is obliged to proceed through the exit turnstile with a valid ticket. In case the time period of the ticket has expired, the visitor is obliged to pay the difference in the admission fee at the ticket office prior to proceeding through the exit turnstile and leaving the premises.

Article II

Exclusion from Entry to the Natatorium

1. Individuals intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, persons suffering from any form of known communicable diseases presenting a danger to health of other persons present in the natatorium, individuals suffering from fever, conjunctivitis, skin rash, running sores or discharge, persons carrying intestinal diseases, as well as lice infested individuals, are not permitted to enter the natatorium premises. Furthermore, individuals placed in quarantine due to occurrence of an infectious disease in a group of people, family members or members of the household, in which the contagious disease was found and where the ill person was not isolated from other individuals, are not permitted to enter the natatorium premises.

2. Bathing in swimming pools is not allowed to children unter 1.

3. A visitor to the natatorium, who despite a request disregards provisions of these Natatorium Rules or fails to adhere to instructions/directions by appointed natatorium staff or behaves in a indecent and disturbing manner, will be ejected from the facility without a right to reclaim the admission fee. A failure to vacate natatorium premises by a visitor in default upon a request by appointed staff of the natatorium will result in an authorised expel of such individual off the natatorium premises, or a request for assistance by security guards/ authorities.

Article III

Pool Instructions for Visitors

1. Upon entry to the natatorium, the visitor is asked to perform the following tasks in the order indicated herein:

  • Purchase a valid ticket or use a prepaid admission card
  • Accept a lock with a key to the locker in exchange for a deposit payment
  • Pass through the entrance turnstile
  • Take the shoes off in the marked area
  • Use the individual locker or a group locker for changing and depositing clothes
  • Take a shower and soap wash with no swimsuit on
  • Use the swimming pool, or the sauna and the family studio as the case may be.

2. Visitors are obliged to take their shoes off at the marked area and put them in plastic bags to be stored in individual lockers or the group locker.

3. Taking the clothes off and putting them on is permitted only in corresponding ladies and gentlemen changing rooms. Clothes are permitted to be deposited only in individual lockers or in the group locker. Visitors are not permitted to enter any area assigned for use by the opposite gender.

4. When leaving the changing room area and prior to entering the swimming pool area, each visitor is obliged to use bathrooms and take a shower for hygienic reasons. When taking a shower, each visitor should soap wash his/her body thoroughly with no swimsuit on, followed by a rinse with shower water. If washing is performed on body with a swimsuit on, washing is not sufficient and thorough, soap is deposited in the swimsuit and causes a subsequent extensive pollution of pool water.

5. Visitors are required to wear decent and clean swimming attire (swimsuits) and behave in a manner observing principles of ethics and decency. Visitors in boxer shorts, briefs or knickers to enter the natatorium area. Toddlers over 1 must wear bathers that fit firmly around the legs.

6. Use of pool facility at no supervision or presence of appointed pool staff is not admissible for safety reasons. Visitors, who cannot swim or are poor swimmers, may take a swim only in areas assigned to non-swimmers. For the sake of one’s safety, each visitor is obliged to obey any and all directions given by appointed staff.

7. Visitors, elderly people or physically-handicapped individuals in particular, should in their best interest move along wet smooth surfaces with utmost care to avoid slipping, or an accident as the case may be. The natatorium operator shall not be held liable to any damage, injuries or accidents, which were caused by visitors themselves due to lack of caution or non-observance of these Natatorium Rules.

8. Visitors are obliged to save and hold the natatorium equipment free from damage and refrain from dissipating water for no apparent reason. Visitors are obliged to pay for the damage or losses, caused in part or full through fault of their own, of natatorium equipment or third party property. In case of a loss of the borrowed equipment, the visitor is obliged to pay compensation.

9. Larger amounts of money, valuables and personal possessions need to be placed in a safety deposit box. Safekeeping of personal possessions is free of charge, deposit for the safety box is CZK 50. Any and all articles found in the natatorium area shall be handed in by the finder to the ticket office attendant, who shall make a record thereon in the lost and found journal without undue delay.

Article IV

Ban on Activities in Natatorium Premises

1. Smoking is strictly prohibited on all natatorium premises.

2. It is forbidden to enter areas assigned for use by opposite gender, as well as enter areas designated to natatorium staff or other personnel (i.e. disabled individuals).

3. Entering changing room and the swimming pool areas with shoes on is not permitted.

4. It is forbidden to behave in a manner representing a risk to personal safety and order in the pool premises, or to disturb others by excessive noise.

5. Soap shower with no swimsuit on is required before entering the pool. The swimming pool area may be entered only with the swimsuit on.

6. Chewing gum, glass items, sharp and other articles, which may involve risk to natatorium visitors´ safety, are not permitted to be brought to the pool.

7. Eating food and drinking alcoholic and other beverages are permitted only in areas designated thereto.

8. No carrying or walking animals to the natatorium premises will be permitted.

9. No shaving, doing one’s manicure or pedicure, brushing one’s teeth, doing one’s perm or colouring one’s hair, cleaning or washing one’s clothes will be permitted.

10. No spitting on the floor or to water will be permitted.

11. No running, horseplay, pushing and shoving other people to the water, jumping/diving into water in areas not assigned for that purpose (starting blocks or the diving board) and intentional splashing or spattering water on other people will be permitted. No throwing of any objects in the water will be permitted.

12. Urinating, mouth rinsing and nose blowing in the pool water, using of ointment or creams while in the pool and polluting in any way the pool water or natatorium premises is strictly prohibited.

13. Using one’s electrical appliances, moving natatorium equipment, taking an unauthorised use of safety equipment and first aid kit and unsubstantiated call for help is not permitted.

14. Operating the heating system, the air conditioning equipment, electrical and other appliances is forbidden.

Article V

Final Conclusions

1. In case of accidents and indispositions, first aid shall be provided in a visibly marked first aid station, the lifeguard’s room. First aid is provided free of charge.

2. When injured or feeling sick, the incapacitated individual shall ask for assistance other pool visitors, who are to call appointed natatorium personnel in charge and assist in rendering first aid.

3. Breach of any provision of these Natatorium Rules may be prosecuted.

4. These Natatorium Rules – Spa Rules are binding upon all visitors to the natatorium as well as natatorium personnel.

Effective as of August 1st, 2013

Developed by: Karel Koutecký, Manager of the Natatorium

Approved by: Ing. Karel Rambousek, Company Proxy

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