Air temperature 30°C
  Pool 28°C
  Children's pool 31°C
  Whirlpool 34°C
  Roller Coasters 28°C

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The attachment to the natatorium carried out in 2005 vas co-financed from the European Union funds


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Solarium Ergoline ESSENCE 440

  • 44 vertically located 2-metre tubes of 200W power output, including controlled intensity ventilation to cool the body and the sound system  

Solarium Ergoline ADVANTAGE 350

  • 38 horizontally located tubes of 140 W power output, three face lamps of 400 W power output, including automatic ventilation and the sound system  

Opening hours and Price list


  Solarium Ergoline Mo - Su till 15 hour   8,- CZK/min
  ESSENCE 440 Mo - Su for 15 hour 10,- CZK/min

Solarium Ergoline


Mo - Su till 15 hour 4,- CZK/min
Mo - Su for 15 hour 5,- CZK/min



Instructions to Use the Solarium Cabins:

1. Insert the minimum amount to the coin machine next to the relevant solarium cabin.

2. Close and lock the door.

3. The s
olarium will start automatically within three minutes after insertion of the last coin, you should use this time for taking off the clothes, removing the makeup and disinfect the solarium lounge with the spray/paper provided.

4.  After the solarium has started, lie comfortably on the bed and enjoy tanning.

5.  Make sure to use the protective goggles while tanning in the solarium cabin !

6. After the selected duration of tanning the sun bed will switch off automatically.

7. When finished, please clean the sun bed using the provided disinfection aids.

8. Before leaving the cabin, check whether you have collected all your personal items.

9. Keep the cabin clean and do not smoke.

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